Hydration Tablets for Basketball Players:
The Best Energy Drink for Basketball

Maintaining proper hydration and energy levels is paramount in the heat of a basketball game. Many traditional sports drinks and energy drinks for basketball players might promise quick fixes, but they often come with side effects like sugar crashes, increased blood pressure, and excessive caffeine content, not to mention calories.

At Play Hydrated, we take a different approach. Our sports drink is loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, and natural flavors to replenish athletes' bodies after intense physical activity. We aim to provide the essential vitamins and minerals to help athletes stay energized and focused on their game. Plus, with various light and refreshing flavors, our sports drink is perfect for quenching thirst and satisfying cravings.

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We believe that staying hydrated should be a flavorful and healthy experience. Our carefully crafted effervescent hydration tablets offer a more innovative way to satisfy your thirst and fuel your body. We provide high-quality products for your health and hydration needs, giving you energy and helping you recover without drawbacks.


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Play Hydrated vs.
Traditional Energy Drinks

We avoid sugar in our healthy sports drinks for one main reason — it doesn't provide you with the lasting energy you need to perform your best. Sugar can give a quick energy boost but can also lead to dehydration and fatigue, causing you to crash midway through a game. Instead, we focus on using electrolytes and vitamins to help you rehydrate after exercise and bring you natural and sustaining energy all day long.


We don't need excessive sugar to give you energy. Instead, we use natural ingredients that support your hydration, energy levels, immune systems, and recovery. Our goal at Play Hydrated is to give you the energy you need to be your very best.

Play Hydrated was founded by athletes who know what good, clean energy can make all the difference on game day. When you choose us, you can expect to maximize your performance and endurance while keeping your body hydrated and healthy.


Sugar-Free Energy

Play Hydrated is sugar-free, providing sustained energy without the risk of sugar crashes during your game.

Hydration Focus

Unlike many traditional energy drinks, which can lead to dehydration, Play Hydrated prioritizes your hydration needs with electrolytes and natural ingredients.

Performance Enhancement

Our drink is designed to support your performance on the court, helping you stay focused and energized throughout

Immune Support

Play Hydrated includes essential vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, keeping you healthy for every match.


After intense physical activity, our drink aids in post-game recovery, helping your body bounce back faster.

Clean Energy

We use natural ingredients to provide clean, lasting energy so you can be at your best on game day.

Athlete Founded

Play Hydrated was founded by athletes who understand the importance of clean energy in sports.

Maximize Endurance

Choosing Play Hydrated means maximizing your performance and endurance while keeping your body hydrated and healthy.

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Made in USA From Globally Sourced Ingredients.


"I've tried a few different brands, and this is my favorite. I am a sports enthusiast, thus it benefits me.'"

William.  -  24/07/2023, LEMON LIME

"Hydration is crucial for optimal performance during sports activities, and these sugar-free effervescent tablets have become a game-changer for my kids. The flavors not only keep them refreshed but also contribute to their overall well-being. They're a must-have for any active child."

Julie Quimby  - 23/072023, ORANGE

"These are what I bought to wear throughout my lengthy tennis matches in the heat. For the price, the tubes contain a lot of tablets, and all the flavours are excellent given how healthy they are!"

Toni Wiles  - 22/072023, FRUIT PUNCH

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Three box bundle

Three box bundle

$158.00 USD

$0.56 per serving / 240 tablets

Sugar free hydration tablets with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, deliver you energy and recover your muscles. Perfectly suitable for people following a low carb diet, keto,paleo or people with diabetes, even kids.

4 intereste-free installments, or from $14.26/mo with SHOP PAY

4 intereste-free installments, or from $14.26/mo with SHOP PAY

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