Elevate Your Keto Journey with Our Keto-Friendly Drink

Look no further! Play Hydrated tablets are your go-to keto drink, specially designed to complement your carb-free lifestyle.

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We believe that staying hydrated should be a flavorful and healthy experience. Our carefully crafted effervescent hydration tablets offer a more innovative way to satisfy your thirst and fuel your body. We provide high-quality products for your health and hydration needs, giving you energy and helping you recover without drawbacks.


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Unlock the Power of Keto-Friendly Drinks for Your Diet

The Keto Advantage

 Keto users know the importance of monitoring their daily carb intake. Traditional diet sodas, fruit juices, and seemingly innocent options like almond milk can be surprisingly high in carbs and sugar. Plain water is essential, but we offer a game-changing alternative.

Keto-Friendly Ingredients

 Our sports drink contains electrolytes, vitamins, and natural flavors to replenish athletes’ bodies after intense physical activity. We aim to provide the essential vitamins and minerals to help athletes stay energized and focused on their game.

Ditch the Sugar, Opt for Performance

 We avoid sugar in our healthy sports drink for one main reason — it doesn’t provide you with the lasting energy you need to perform your best. Sugar can give a quick energy boost, but can also lead to dehydration and fatigue, causing you to crash midway through your day. Instead, we focus on using electrolytes and vitamins to help you rehydrate after exercise.

Why Choose Play Hydrated?

We don’t need excessive sugar to give you energy; we use natural ingredients that support your hydration, energy levels, immune systems, and recovery. Our goal at Play Hydrated is to provide you with the energy you need to be your best.

Our Products

$79.00 USD

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$79.00 USD

$59.25 USD

Save 25%

$79.00 USD

$59.25 USD

Save 25%

$79.00 USD

$59.25 USD

Save 25%

Made in USA From Globally Sourced Ingredients.


"My kids actually love this and put it in their water! They enjoy the strawberry and lemon flavour in particular. It appeals to me too! Since my kids do sports and I didn't like the contents in the sports drinks, I'm glad they like it.'"

Melinda Moore.  -  24/07/2023, LEMON LIME

"With these sugar-free effervescent tablets, I've managed to turn hydration into a healthy habit with a twist. The flavors are so diverse that my kids get excited to try new ones every day. And knowing that they're sugar-free and good for their health gives me peace of mind as a mom."

Neori Swain  - 23/072023, ORANGE

"Staying hydrated has never been easier thanks to these sugar-free effervescent tablets. The flavors are so refreshing that my kids can't get enough. And as a mom, I appreciate that they're sugar-free and provide the necessary hydration for their busy lives."

Shasha  - 22/072023, FRUIT PUNCH

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Three box bundle

Three box bundle

$158.00 USD

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Sugar free hydration tablets with electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, deliver you energy and recover your muscles. Perfectly suitable for people following a low carb diet, keto,paleo or people with diabetes, even kids.

4 intereste-free installments, or from $14.26/mo with SHOP PAY

4 intereste-free installments, or from $14.26/mo with SHOP PAY

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